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Where will my donation go? 

Since the SIS revival in October of 2019, our members have worked long hours on a voluntary basis to get the organization up and running again. Though we plan to continue organizing voluntarily for the time being, we are beginning to incur costs beyond our time commitments. Your donation will go to our basic operational costs. Here are a few examples:

  • Costs associated with our consciousness raising efforts through webinars on platforms such as facebook.

  • Costs that maintain our 1-800 number to reach women in prison and their families so they don't have to incur those costs themselves. 

  • Costs for office supplies that keep us in contact with women inside.

  • Costs associated with some membership meetings where travel is required.

SIS's members are not fancy! We are doing our best with the little we have and we've managed to be self-sufficient to this point. Now we need the community's support to continue our efforts. 

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